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Hello World, it’s my first post

11.07.07 Posted in Uncategorized by admin

Since it’s my first post I should introduce myself.  My name is Fintan Boyle and I’ve been working as a Flash developer for 5 years.  My first foray into Flash was back in the days of Flash 5 and basic scripting.  I’m a self taught Actionscript developer and have experienced first-hand how the Language (and the entire Flash Platform) has grown.

It’s my intention to use this blog to help me build on this experience by exploring RIA development-related issues using a discovery learning type approach.  Perhaps it will be useful to like-minded people?

To date, I’ve only ever published one tutorial online and this can be found here. I might update this for AS3 at some point.

I attended Max2007 in Barcelona a few weeks ago and it was great meeting members of the community in the flesh. One thing that struck me was that much of the demographic of Flex developers was made up of people with backgrounds in more established languages such as Java. 

Maybe it was naivety on my part but this was a surprise to me.  After the initial surprise, I realised that it was a clear indicator that the Flash Platform has moved to a new level.  These new community members bring a lot to the table and I am very keen to fill in gaps in my learning by gleaning the relevant articles and blogs to supplement my own efforts!

As I explore Flex and AS3, I will add items to this blog that I think are of interest.  You’re very welcome to stay tuned.


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