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How to Launch Finder from Eclipse on OSX

10.10.10 Posted in Flex Development, open source, osx by admin

I came across a useful post last week on how to launch Windows Explorer in your current project directory in Eclipse and decided to dig around to find out how to set up the same for Finder on OSX.

The steps are the same as described in the link, except for the configuration on the main tab on the External Tools Configuration window.  The equivalent settings for Eclipse on a Mac corresponds to this terminal command:

current-directory-path> open .

How to Launch Finder in the project directory:

Launch Finder in your project directory

How to Launch Finder in the currently selected document’s directory:

The information on this page helped in creating a Run Configuration that opens Finder in the directory of the currently selected document.  The working directory in this case is set using: ${workspace_loc}${container_path}

Launch Finder in the current file directory

You can achieve the same thing by installing the Easy Explore plugin but it’s good to have different options and I think that this approach is a little more convenient if it is listed on the favourites menu.

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