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Using Flash CS5 as a layout editor for EaselJs

05.13.11 Posted in Box2d, community, haXe, javascript, open source by admin

The HTML5 Canvas element is a natural area for a Flash developer to explore so I decided a while back to play around with some of the options out there. I’ve been using haXe for almost a year now and targeting Canvas using the Javascript target with my simple experiments has been fairly straightforward using [...]

How to Launch Finder from Eclipse on OSX

10.10.10 Posted in Flex Development, open source, osx by admin

Learn how to launch Finder from the Eclipse IDE in a Mac environment

Quick tip: How to restore toolbar and controls in Firefox

06.25.10 Posted in Uncategorized by admin

I right-mouse-clicked and removed the menu bar and all of the toolbars in Firefox a couple of weeks ago and could not find any obvious way of restoring them.  If you remove all of these toolbars and controls then the menu that appears on right mouse click is no longer accessible! My quick fix at [...]

Add haXe to your toolset

06.03.10 Posted in AJAX, Actionscript, haXe, open source by admin

haXe is an amazing project.  I’ve been looking at it recently as an option for producing swfs that potentially perform better than ones produced with similar code written in AS3.  Even more interesting, however, is the ability to target more than one platform with the same code base.  There are several target platforms but the [...]