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eLearning Activities on the iPad

05.18.12 Posted in Actionscript, elearning, work by admin

I’m delighted to hear that Folens have won a  gold medal in the eLearning category at the 2012 Digital Media Awards on 30th March in the Convention Centre in Dublin for their Active Maths product. This is a project that I helped with at the end of last year. Here are some screen captures of a [...]

Add haXe to your toolset

06.03.10 Posted in AJAX, Actionscript, haXe, open source by admin

haXe is an amazing project.  I’ve been looking at it recently as an option for producing swfs that potentially perform better than ones produced with similar code written in AS3.  Even more interesting, however, is the ability to target more than one platform with the same code base.  There are several target platforms but the [...]

FDT Flixel Templates

03.17.10 Posted in Actionscript by admin

I’m familiarising myself with the features of FDT now that I have a copy and came across some useful templates here.  Decided to try making some myself for some of the Flixel classes; create a subclass of FlxGame with a frame metatag for specifying a preloader create a basic menu state with some basic presets [...]

PureMVC notes

03.11.10 Posted in Actionscript, Best Practices, Flex Development, open source by admin

Here are notes that I wrote down during Javier Julio’s PureMVC talk at FITC Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago.  I intend to use pureMVC and they’ll be a useful reference when the time arrives.  If I have glaringly misconstrued anything please let me know The Proxy and Mediator The Proxy typically sends notifications The [...]