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Add haXe to your toolset

06.03.10 Posted in AJAX, Actionscript, haXe, open source by admin

haXe is an amazing project.  I’ve been looking at it recently as an option for producing swfs that potentially perform better than ones produced with similar code written in AS3.  Even more interesting, however, is the ability to target more than one platform with the same code base.  There are several target platforms but the [...]

Integrating Flex with Ajax

12.13.07 Posted in AJAX, Actionscript, Flex Development by admin

I finally got round to checking out the Flex AJAX Bridge (FABridge) over at Adobe Labs after hearing about it at MAX from Andrei Dragomir. It essentially provides a way of making Flex components and Actionscript accessible to Javascript and vice versa. Trying to hook up Javascript and Flash in the past has always felt [...]