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haXe 2 Beginner’s Guide released

07.29.11 Posted in Best Practices, community, haXe, iPhone, javascript, open source, osx by admin

The release of a new haXe book was announced this week by Benjamin Dasnois called haXe 2 Beginner’s Guide that I plan to review soon.  There aren’t many titles currently available for haXe so I was delighted to hear about this release and am looking forward to reading it and hopefully learning more about topics [...]

PureMVC notes

03.11.10 Posted in Actionscript, Best Practices, Flex Development, open source by admin

Here are notes that I wrote down during Javier Julio’s PureMVC talk at FITC Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago.  I intend to use pureMVC and they’ll be a useful reference when the time arrives.  If I have glaringly misconstrued anything please let me know The Proxy and Mediator The Proxy typically sends notifications The [...]

Thinking about version control?

12.26.08 Posted in Best Practices by admin

I’ve recently decided to take the bull by the horns and bring a sense of order to my personal projects by using some form of version control.  My personal projects don’t normally involve other developers so you might be asking why bother with source control?  Well, for several reasons: Having a single respository to act [...]