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How to Launch Finder from Eclipse on OSX

10.10.10 Posted in Flex Development, open source, osx by admin

Learn how to launch Finder from the Eclipse IDE in a Mac environment

PureMVC notes

03.11.10 Posted in Actionscript, Best Practices, Flex Development, open source by admin

Here are notes that I wrote down during Javier Julio’s PureMVC talk at FITC Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago.  I intend to use pureMVC and they’ll be a useful reference when the time arrives.  If I have glaringly misconstrued anything please let me know The Proxy and Mediator The Proxy typically sends notifications The [...]

OSS Barcamp, Dublin; Slides

03.30.09 Posted in Actionscript, Flex Development, community, open source by admin

I gave a lightening talk on Flex using the Flash Develop IDE at OSS Barcamp in Dublin at the weekend.  It was quite a challenge fitting everything into 15 minutes but I just about managed to fit a code demo in.  Here are my slides: A Lightening Introduction to Flex using Flash Develop View more [...]

Flash Develop and Flex Builder shortcuts comparison

03.13.09 Posted in Actionscript, Flex Development, community by admin

I gave a presentation on Open Source Flex Development to MMUG Dublin last night and provided a shortcuts comparison between Flex Builder and Flash Develop.  It only lists the ones that I use and know about.  Feel free to mention ones that I haven’t listed. Flex Builder Flash Develop Description       Ctrl Click [...]