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A thought on the options available in Flash Publishing settings

07.16.08 Posted in Flex Development by admin

I was reading some online documentation on Adobe Labs last night about how to target Flash Player 10 Beta with Flex SDK 3.0.x.  It struck me that the approach to configuring the compiler in Flex Builder 3 could not be more disparate to how things are done in Flash CS3.  The most significant thing for [...]

Integrating Flex with Ajax

12.13.07 Posted in AJAX, Actionscript, Flex Development by admin

I finally got round to checking out the Flex AJAX Bridge (FABridge) over at Adobe Labs after hearing about it at MAX from Andrei Dragomir. It essentially provides a way of making Flex components and Actionscript accessible to Javascript and vice versa. Trying to hook up Javascript and Flash in the past has always felt [...]

Math parser charting example

11.29.07 Posted in Actionscript, Flex Development by admin

I stumbled across an excellent website called Flash&Math the other day that contains several useful Actionscript 3 and Flash CS3 tutorials.  The MathParser class, developed by Doug Ensley and Barbara Kaskosz , is used in their ‘Simple Function Grapher‘ tutorial and I decided to try it out in Flex 3 with a line chart component.  The Parser works [...]

A simple MXML Component; Toggletxt

11.17.07 Posted in Actionscript, Flex Development by admin

I’ve written Toggletxt to demonstrate how easy it is to create components in Flex. Toggletxt uses a Text component and enables users to toggle it’s visibility when clicked. Toggletxt offers very little extra functionality to the Text component but is a nice way of demonstrating MXML-based component creation. It could arguably be developed as a [...]