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Slides from my recent talk about Javascript and the Haxe programming language

05.18.12 Posted in community, haXe, javascript, open source by admin

Last week I gave a talk to the local user group about targeting Javascript using a language that I am really enthusiastic about called Haxe.  I’ve been using it for almost two years now and am completely sold on it as a viable way to develop applications that can target both Javascript and Flash runtimes. [...]

haXe 2 Beginner’s Guide released

07.29.11 Posted in Best Practices, community, haXe, iPhone, javascript, open source, osx by admin

The release of a new haXe book was announced this week by Benjamin Dasnois called haXe 2 Beginner’s Guide that I plan to review soon.  There aren’t many titles currently available for haXe so I was delighted to hear about this release and am looking forward to reading it and hopefully learning more about topics [...]

Using Flash CS5 as a layout editor for EaselJs

05.13.11 Posted in Box2d, community, haXe, javascript, open source by admin

The HTML5 Canvas element is a natural area for a Flash developer to explore so I decided a while back to play around with some of the options out there. I’ve been using haXe for almost a year now and targeting Canvas using the Javascript target with my simple experiments has been fairly straightforward using [...]