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haXe 2 Beginner’s Guide released

07.29.11 Posted in Best Practices, community, haXe, iPhone, javascript, open source, osx by admin

The release of a new haXe book was announced this week by Benjamin Dasnois called haXe 2 Beginner’s Guide that I plan to review soon.  There aren’t many titles currently available for haXe so I was delighted to hear about this release and am looking forward to reading it and hopefully learning more about topics [...]

How to Launch Finder from Eclipse on OSX

10.10.10 Posted in Flex Development, open source, osx by admin

Learn how to launch Finder from the Eclipse IDE in a Mac environment

Editing .bash_profile

11.01.09 Posted in osx, python by admin

I came across a very useful blog post here about customising the bash shell by editing .bash_profile in nano, a terminal editor for Unix systems that comes with OSX. In my previous post I talked about using a second Python install on my Macbook and being able to start it in interactive mode on the [...]