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FDT Flixel Templates

03.17.10 Posted in Actionscript by admin

I’m familiarising myself with the features of FDT now that I have a copy and came across some useful templates here.  Decided to try making some myself for some of the Flixel classes; create a subclass of FlxGame with a frame metatag for specifying a preloader create a basic menu state with some basic presets [...]

PureMVC notes

03.11.10 Posted in Actionscript, Best Practices, Flex Development, open source by admin

Here are notes that I wrote down during Javier Julio’s PureMVC talk at FITC Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago.  I intend to use pureMVC and they’ll be a useful reference when the time arrives.  If I have glaringly misconstrued anything please let me know The Proxy and Mediator The Proxy typically sends notifications The [...]

Referencing an iPhone App’s UIApplicationDelegate from a nested view

01.29.10 Posted in iPhone, objective-c by admin

It is useful to know that you can reference the top level of your application from anywhere since it is a Singleton.  This enables access to the application delegate as follows: [[UIApplication sharedApplication] delegate]; This can be useful if you want declare your model at the top level of your app and need to reference [...]

Editing .bash_profile

11.01.09 Posted in osx, python by admin

I came across a very useful blog post here about customising the bash shell by editing .bash_profile in nano, a terminal editor for Unix systems that comes with OSX. In my previous post I talked about using a second Python install on my Macbook and being able to start it in interactive mode on the [...]